• Calcium deficiency symptoms can affect cows
    Dairy cows need calcium as part of their nutrition for milk production, bone & teeth health

For the best quality, natural, calcium, magnesium and sulphur based soil, animal, reptile or bird products, contact us here for a quote. If you would like to know more about these products, please read on.

Calcium, Magnesium and Sulfur are essential for good soil, plant and animal health.  Ensuring a good supply of these can save you money on expensive chemical fertilisers, additives or vitamins. Common problems such as unhealthy plants and fruit, poor crop yields and excessive weed growth can result from acid soil, soil pH imbalance, hard clay soil and soil salinity or sodic soil, all of which can be relatively easily remedied with our easy-to-use Pelletized LimePelletized Gypsum and Pelletized MagLime which are suitable for spreading with most spreaders.

These products are of the highest quality and designed for user-friendly, dust-free use by horticulturists, viticulturists, farmers and animal owners alike. Because our range of products are made from ultra fine powder, the reaction (uptake) ensures quick results for dealing with clay and other soil, crop and plant problems.

Gypsum is also available as ultra fine powder for distribution through suitable irrigation systems, and our ultra fine gypsum powder is ideal for use as a filler in some manufacturing and general applications including line marking or as an industrial filler.

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