Plant and Pellets Ace
The owners of  Ace Minerals have been in the minerals business for over 25 years with the last 15 years being dedicated to natural soil and plant improvement products, mainly limestone (calcium carbonate), magnesium and gypsum for farming, gardening and animal welfare. These products have natural soil fixing properties such as calcium and sulfur which can reduce or eliminate the use of expensive fertilisers which are known to damage the environment and waterways. Calcium is a critical ingredient for healthy plants, livestock and birds.In light of messy handling and health issues surrounding the use of powder products, Ace Minerals now supplies an alternative in the form of dust-free, high quality Pelletized Lime, Pelletized Gypsum and Pelletized Maglime products which are available to all consumers in manageable 10kg packaging.We are proud to be considered the top supplier of these high quality products.  We continue to improve that quality by making it more convenient to use and more effective for our valued customers. Ace Minerals is your one-stop shop for premium grade Pelletized Lime (Calcium Carbonate), Pelletized MagLime, Powder Gypsum and Pelletized Gypsum for use in soil and animal care, and many other manufacturing and general uses.

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