• Calcium & Magnesium for healthy pastures.
    Healthy calcium & magnesium rich paddocks for healthy animals.

Calcium and magnesium are an indispensable part of diets of living beings including plants, animals, birds, reptiles and humans, whether supplied through the plants they eat or directly. In horses for example, calcium and magnesium based products are widely used as calmers. These minerals can be provided through plants by ensuring good soil in paddocks or crop gardens, or by direct ingestion. Contact us here for a quote or for information on this range of natural calcium and magnesium products.

Role of Calcium

  • Contributes to bone and teeth formation and health.
  • Responsible for turning brain cells on; without calcium animals can display irrational and bad behaviour.
  • Forms part of the composition of body fluids such as blood.
  • Forms part of the composition of secretions such as hormones and milk.
  • Has a buffering effect such as in the need to neutralise excess acidity in the rumen.

Problems linked to calcium and/or phosphorus deficiencies:

  • Reproductive problems.
  • Poorly functioning nerves and muscles.
  • Animals and birds with insufficient calcium can be frightened, stressed and/or aggressive.
  • Rickets which manifests in symptoms such as crooked limbs and enlarged joints.
  • Milk fever due to sudden drops in the blood calcium and glucose levels at the start of lactation.

Role of magnesium

  • Assists bone formation
  • Assists with fertility
  • Helps resistance to infection, helps the immune system.
  • Contributes to hormone regulation
  • Helps nerve impulse transmission (stress) and muscle contraction.
  • Assists cell replication.
  • Magnesium oxide supply in soil ensures forage crops have mineral quality required for livestock’s health.

Problems linked to magnesium deficiencies:

  • Grass tetany or staggers – a symptom characterized by muscle cramps, spasms or tremors.
  • Rickets which manifests in symptoms such as crooked limbs and enlarged joints.
  • Thrombosis – clot formation in a blood vessel.

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