• Sports field line marking.
    Ultra-fine Powder gypsum ideal for Line marking.

Ace gypsum is of the highest quality and ideal for many soil, plant and animal conditioning applications. For industrial applications, Contact us here for a quote or more information, or read about uses which include:


Together with inertness and lack of abrasiveness, gypsum is used as a filler or diluent in plastics, adhesives, paint, wood filler, tile grouts and body putties, textiles, and modelling clays. In polymer applications, in particular thermoplastics, thermosets, and coatings, gypsum as a filler improves fire retardancy, tensile strength, and translucency at the same time as reducing formulation costs. Gypsum can be used as paper filler owing to its capacity to add gloss and opacity to paper, particularly lightweight-coated grades.

Line Marking

Our Ultra fine Gypsum powder is a white finely ground powder produced from grinding the highest purity gypsum and  is completely safe to players and conforms to all “safe-use” requirements. It can be used to mark lines on rugby, baseball, softball and soccer fields along with park and recreation areas. It is available in 25kg bags and offers advantages of being:

• Ultra White
• Safe to Use
• Harmless to Clothes, Soil and Turf
• Non-Toxic and Non-Burning

Water Clarifier

Gypsum is used as a clearing (or flocculating) agent for muddy water, e.g. from tanks, dams, bores and in rice paddies or to strip suspended particulates blocking sunlight to the oxygen-generating algae in ponds in aquaculture. Gypsum causes the very fine suspended colloidal particles to clump together, forming particles too large to remain in suspension, so they sink to the bottom. A fine particle size is essential for the gypsum to dissolve quickly.  A suggested application rate is 1 kg of gypsum powder per 5,000 litres of water.


Gypsum is used as a source of calcium and sulphur, gypsum substitutes for sodium sulphate in the manufacture of flat and container glass; Gypsum or anhydrite is inert with good absorbing capabilities and is used as an animal feed extender and insecticide carrier. Other minor industrial applications for gypsum include foundry use, glass manufacture, and oil filtration.

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