Pellet Gypsum

 Clay Field and Road

Gypsum – for clay & saline soils, & sulfur for plants!

For gypsum in easy to handle, dust-free, pelletized form, Contact us here for a quote or read below for it’s uses.

Sulfur deficiencies in your soil can result in unhealthy plants or deformed fruit & vegetables. In addition, if your ground is hard and water pools or simply runs off then this adds to growth problems. These deficiencies can generally be identified by stunted growth in plants, symptoms like yellow leaves, unhealthy, deformed fruit or vegetables, reduction in seed production and slow growth. Overcome these problems by using this natural, premium product range for quick results in softening clay soils and improving yields without digging and hard work.

Natural Clay Breaker

Loosen hard, clay soils without back-breaking digging with Gypsum Pellets made from ultra fine powder for rapid soil penetration. Ace Minerals Pelletized Gypsum is a source of sulfur which is critical for plant growth and:

  • Is faster reacting than regular gypsum to give you quick results.
  • Helps water retention in the soil, saving you a valuable resource.
  • Helps give flavour to many fruits & vegetables, for your enjoyment.
  • Pellets are made from tiny particles for best coverage & amplifies soil conditioning & clay-busting.
  • Is a natural sulfur-based protein builder for plants & soil reducing the need for chemical fertilisers.
  • Is an efficient supplement for sulfur-hungry crops & plants without the need to add chemicals.
  • Is useful in the management of high magnesium and sodium in the root zone both of which cause hard soils.
  • Is easily spread with almost any spreader or by hand.

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