Pellet Lime

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Healthy fruit & vegetables rely on calcium, magnesium & sulphur in the soil

Do you want your crops to look like this?

This picture shows what healthy crops should look like. Unbalanced soil with Calcium deficiencies will produce unhealthy plants with yellow leaves, stunted growth, black spots, excessive weed growth and deformed fruit & vegetables. In animals calcium deficiencies can result in weak teeth and bones and poor milk production. Overcome these problems by using this natural, premium product range for the quickest possible results.

Rapid Results from Life-Giving Pelletized Calcium Carbonate

Limestone (calcium carbonate) is a “fast food” source of calcium. The ultra fine powder from which our prilled or Pelletized Lime is made boosts the soil conditioning capacity for all applications and is ideal for growers seeking quick, efficient treatment for soil pH problems where calcium deficiency symptoms exist. It is also ideal for managing calcium deficiencies in animals, plants and soil.

This product is ideal for in-furrow application to give your crop the boost it needs.

Benefits of Pelletized Lime

  • More vigorous establishment of crops, lawn and pasture for quicker, healthier growth and fewer weeds.
  • Dust & chemical free for safer, accurate spreading even in windy conditions with no loss of product.
  • Quick release upon contact with water for fast results.
  • Made from ultra-fine powder to ensure it is all effective, unlike coarser lime which can lie around for years.
  • Higher crop and pasture yield for a better return on your investment.
  • Improved results from fertilizer application where necessary, through balanced soils.
  • Available in easily handled 10kg bags for easy in-row spreading, or in bulk bags for larger jobs.

Fix it now, naturally with this or our easy-to-use Magnesium or Sulfur based products!

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