Powder Gypsum

  • Spreading gypsum via irrigation.
    Ultra-fine Gypsum for dispersal through suitable irrigation systems.

Gypsum, natural, versatile and essential.

Good looking crops, gardens and lawns  result from giving your soil the right treatment. Sulfur deficiencies in soil can result in symptoms such as unhealthy plants, lawns, fruit or vegetables and hard ground in which water pools or simply runs off, all of which will add to growth problems. Stunted growth in plants, yellow leaves, deformed fruit or vegetables, reduction in seed production and slow growth are all possible results. Overcome these problems by using this natural, premium product range for the quickest possible results to soften clay soils and improve yields without digging and hard work.

Clay Breaker – easier than digging

Loosen hard, clay soils without back-breaking digging with ultra-fine powder for rapid soil penetration.Powder Gypsum is a source of sulfur which is critical for plant growth and:

  • Is faster- reacting than regular gypsum to give you quick results.
  • Helps give flavour to many fruits & vegetables for your enjoyment.
  • Tiny particles ensure best coverage & amplifies the soil conditioning and clay-busting capacity of gypsum.
  • Is a chemical-free sulfur-based protein builder to facilitate healthy plants & soil.
  • Is an efficient chemical-free supplement for sulfur-hungry crops & plants.
  • Is effective for light, sandy soils showing poor retention of both calcium and sulfur.
  • Is useful in the management of high magnesium and sodium in the root zone both of which cause hard soils.
  • Is ideal to spread through suitable irrigation systems.


Our ultra-fine Gypsum powder in solution improves the quality of a wide variety of crops including:

  • Almonds, walnuts, macadamia nuts, peanuts
  • Grapefruits, oranges, mandarins, lemons, nectarines
  • Cotton, grains.
  • Grapes.
  • Peaches, plums, pears, apricots, apples, strawberries.
  • Avocados, olives.
  • Sugar beets, potatoes.
  • Tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, celery, carrots.

The powder gypsum can be applied using irrigation methods such as Flood, Drip or Furrow. It supplies sulfate-sulfur without affecting the soil’s pH, and increases the availability of nitrogen, potassium, zinc as well as calcium and sulfur all of which:

  • Improves nutrient uptake.
  • Activates enzyme systems critical to ideal plant growth.
  • Stimulates root growth, for stronger root networks and less disease.
  • Reduces the chance of premature heat stress.


Our ultra-fine Gypsum powder in solution irrigates the entire root zone and

  • Helps irrigate more efficiently; less water needs to be used.
  • Helps eliminate ponding, runoff, and evaporative loss.
  • Improves water penetration and retention.
  • Improves water quality by neutralizing sodic irrigation water.

Fix it now, naturally and easily with this and our Magnesium and Calcium based products!

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